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arcRes e-commerce tops 130 million dollars (bds) in inquiries for direct business to Barbados(2009)

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facebook booking engine First Facebook Travel Bookings application launched

AXSES Launches Facebook Travel Bookings & Hotel Reservations;
arcResBookings, a first tourism e-commerce & travel marketing suite for Facebook.


facebook travel bookings

Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO of AXSES, says "We have worked with the Facebook developers Application Program Interface (API) to integrate AXSES arcRes marketing suites into Facebook. arcResBookings for Facebook is the first of its kind travel bookings/reservations & marketing application for FaceBook".

With arcResBookings for Facebook, hotels and tourism operators can now easily create and manage Facebook pages complete with all products, rooms, rates and bookings capabilities. Facebook Travel Bookings is a new marketing channel for hotels and tourism operators. "It has great potential to reach new markets and engage with guests in a friendly environment according to their own rules" says Ward.

arcres for facebook Make your Facebook Bookable
hotels booking and conmntent on facebook If you're using the arcRes booking engine, then with just a couple of clicks, your Facebook page can contain your company information: rates, room or activity descriptions and a quick and easy way for guests and potential guests to get a Quote or make a Reservation.

And best of all, whenever you update your arcRes information your Facebook page is automatically updated!

Facebook Setup - Video >>

See our tips below for getting started with Facebook and have fun social networking!

Live Facebook example of arcResBooking

social marketing for tourism It's Time To Get Social! (by Kathy Lynn Ward)

Click here if no video
arcResBooking for Facebook Travel Marketing - YouTube Demo

about arcResBookings for Facebook | Free Trial
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arcResBookings for Facebook
You've heard the latest buzzwords - social networking, Facebook, My Space, Twitter -but how can you use social networking to bring in new customers and maintain a strong relationship with your repeat business?

This article will focus on Facebook which boasts over 200 million users. Facebook is an online community where persons interact with others who share their interests.

Marketers disagree on how effective Facebook is for generating hotel reservations with many seeing it as a significant branding tool which will help tourism operators get linked on search engines and expose the brand to a large and growing population. All agree that Facebook is a marketing channel that cannot be ignored. Lack of a Facebook page is like not having e-mail! With a new order of social networking and interaction sweeping the web, arcResBookings for Facebook, is a timely and useful tool for tourism operators and their guests. See - The new order of the web

optimising your facebook papges for travel marketing Using Facebook Effectively

arcres makes facebook an ecommerce bookings channel
Here are some tips on getting started with Facebook:

1. Start slowly - set up a Facebook account and then a Page for your business.
2. Get involved - spend some time exploring Facebook, making friends with guests and industry partners.
3. Learn from others -examine how other hotels and tourism businesses are using their Facebook page.
4. Keep your page 'alive' - a Facebook page that's not updated will not attract an audience. Get your staff involved in uploading photos and videos and creating events.
5. Promote feedback - encourage guests to post a holiday story, leave a review and add their own holiday photos.
6. Use technology - let the computers do the work! arcRes for Facebook will automatically update your Facebook page when you change rates.

facebook travel marketing Marketing Your Facebook page

1. create a user-friendly Facebook address
eg: (contact your web hosting service)
2. add Facebook to your collateral:
business cards, brochures | e-signature (email) | link from your website
3. invite all your friends to become Facebook fans
4. become a Facebook Fan of related pages
they may also link back to you
5. create/participate in Facebook discussions
look for Facebook groups where travelers discuss holiday and plans
- search for potential facebook friends, groups and discussion using the Facebook search
6. add your suggestions to the how to use Facebook for travel group
be generous- link back to your Facebook travel page - social networking works
7. become an arcResBookings Facebook Fan to keep informed
go to arcResBookings Facebook
click "Become a Fan"

facebook advantages Why use Facebook

1. helps get listed on search engines
Facebook is an authoritative site - your Facebook page can be placed high on Google results
2. a new marketing channel, more potential clients and bookings/reservations
200 million users and growing
3. an effective communications medium - better than email
good for broadcasting message - and one-to-one dialogue
4. a new way to engage with customers and potential guests
marketing by consent is similar to word of mouth - many major brands are using it
5. new easy to use technology
photo albums, videos, newswire - events - discussions - groups

free consultations About arcRes e-commerce & travel marketing suites

AXSES arcRes travel marketing suites range from a website booking engine to niche marketing networks and technology to connect and manage global distribution.

arcRes website reservations & booking engine, a low-cost, high performance website booking engine, custom branded and free to suppliers who advertise and host on the AXSES Travel platform.

arcRes Travel Marketing includes:

arcrRes for your Website | arcRes for Facebook | arcRes for GDS (Global Distribution) |
arcRes for e-Special | arcRes for Afilliate Marketing| arcRes for RSS distribution |
arcRes for Google Maps | arcRes for Bookable-ads | arcRes for Travel Portals |
arcRes for Holiday Packages |arcRes for Booking-Partners | arcRes for Themes Marketing

see details at:
arcRes e-commerce and travel marketing

axses technology marketing systems About AXSES

AXSES is a travel marketing company building marketing and management tools for travel suppliers. Axses owns over 30 travel portals promoting direct sales to its hotel and tourism clients. AXSES supplier tools include Internet marketing portals, website tools like calendars, blogs, content management, guest tracking and travel planning, dynamic packaging, comparison shopping, reservations and bookings systems.

"AXSES tools and Marketing is effective", says Randall Ward, Manager of Silver Sands Hotel, Barbados, "Nearly all of our direct business is coming from AXSES e-commerce and travel marketing"



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AXSES arcRes loads and manages your products and bookings option on Facebook

This Facebook booking engine allows you to create special rates for facebook fans on your facebook pages. Load pictures, content, rooms, facebook rates, facebook greeting and facebook bookings.