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facebook secrets Using Facebook for Travel & Tourism Marketing:
Terms & things you should know

Facebook & Your Copyright
First of all, it's important to know the terms you are working with - If you don't want people using your travel photos, Facebook, and pretty well all Social Networking sites, may not be for you. Social Networking is all about sharing. You can control who sees what, but it sort of defeats the purpose and Facebook says that you grant them a royalty-free license to use it. The license ceases when you delete the content.

Facebook wants a single authoritative source of information.
They want to avoid becoming another search engine with a million people listing the same thing. Only One authoritative source can create a Page for Dover Beach Hotel, Barbados. This is very much to your advantage as a travel supplier (Hotel, activity etc.). It means that you are the source and the only source of your product information on Facebook. That's vital for branding, do not give it way. Today small hotels are finding it difficult to be found on the Internet; mostly the big Internet Distribution Systems like Expedia, are the first to be listed.

The Travel Supplier can be hard to find on the Web.
Facebook can change that, if you play by their rules.

Product Pages
If you have a profile already, your Hotel or tourism activity must be set up as a PAGE within your profile. A lot of people make the mistake of setting up products as Profiles, faking a date of birth, etc. This is not an authorised approach. Facebook says "If you create an unauthorized Page or violate our Terms in any way, your Facebook account may be disabled".

If you are new to Facebook, you can choose "To create a page for a celebrity, band or business".
This option will require an email - it will create a profile for that email and a Page for the business within that profile. This is the only legal way of creating a product. Do not create a profile for your product - It may get your entire account deleted.

Pages are distinct entities from your profile - You can set the Page privacy and other setting as you would in your profile (Edit Page - top left) - Visitors to your Pages do not see your profile.

Get people to your Facebook page - It will help get you noticed and build traffic

Add a Facebook button to your website
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arcresBookings Facebook Page

Advertise your Vacation Specials and Packages on Smartphone, Facebook and 100's of Sites
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arcRes will publish your travel deals, specials and packages to Smartphones, Facebook, Social Media, Google-Shopping and hundreds of travel sites. Only 25$ per month for global advertsing

facebook component basics How to use Facebook Page Components




This is where you can post messages to communicate with fans. Yyou should add a comment with a link to the arcresBookings. To get the link, open the box and copy the url. Post travel happenings and stories to your wall- The post will go to all fans and be seen by those who visit you site.


Include basic information about your Hotel or Tourism Activity, Restaurant etc. Include a link to your website.


Create at least one photo album for your Hotel or tourism activity, restaurant or property. For a small hotel, one photo album may be sufficient. A larger property should create several photo albums - e.g. accommodation; recreation; beach and watersports; gardens. Be sure to select photos that highlight your unique selling points and entice travellers to visit (e.g. beachfront location; kids' facilities; spa; etc.).


This is where you can add special applications such as arcResBookings to get reservations direct from Facebook. Your Boxes tab may also contain a Discussion Board and Reviews. These can be moved to a separate tab if you wish to highlight them.



Post events that are taking place at the hotel or nearby. This can include on-site events (such as manager's cocktail party; Sunday lunch) or events that are taking place nearby (e.g. festivals; nearby art shows). A good general marketing resource is by Joan Stewart, Public Hound. It's rather high-powered and not travel specific but its an eye-opener in how to hype an event using Twitter broadcasts with Facebook events.


Discussions are a good way to get participation and engage travellers and guest. You can create a discussion about issues in your destination of interest to travellers. Draw attention to special events and ask for views. The new golf club or resort project - what should a spa treatment be - be creative and engage people - Discussion are like groups but are more public - a discussion might get picked up on the net!

(NB not a page component)

Groups can only be created by individuals, not Pages. Groups are more private than discussions and pages - they are only available to members. Join the Facebook Travel Group to see how this works. This Group was started by arcResBookings and is a place where arcRes users can share ideas and concerns.

See more about groups below

It's not always easy to get around Facebook
. The Navigation at the bottom of the page can help facebook navigation

facebook groups Facebook Groups & Pages for Tourism

Many organisations have a hard time deciding how to present themselves on Facebook, (As a profile? As a group? As a page?) as each kind of interaction defines a different kind of relation (friend, member, fan).

Advantages of Pages over Groups
: Pages are visible to unregistered people and are indexed by search engines. This can increase your search engine ranking and bring more travellers to your website.

Pages can have many additional applications like arcResBookings for Facebook. There are visitor statistics, promotions with social ads and “Related” events and invitations.

Advantages of Groups over Pages: With Groups you can send out “bulk invite” which is good for viral marketing where any group member can also send bulk invites to the friends.
Groups are great to target demographic by topic - You can create many groups. Because Groups are Private to Members only, they are more akin to Social Networking and considered more "friendly".

In my opinion, a hotel or tourism organisation should consider using both. The Page is for the Brand and for direct marketing and representation of your tourism products and travel services. Discussion within the travel Brand Page can make it more personal and engaging. A groups started by brand stockholders, destination friends or guest can reach out to many special interest groups.

The issues of public (pages and discussion) and private (member groups) are very critical to how individuals within a hotel or tourism organisations use Facebook. Using staff Facebook profiles can be tricky, it can create visible overlaps between work and private life. But they can be your great evangelists, and may already belong to social networks.

For a good blog on building a community, see Lessons in building your hotel’s internet fan base

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Advertise your Vacation Specials and Packages on Smartphone, Facebook and 100's of Sites
hotel market and special promotions

arcRes will publish your travel deals, specials and packages to Smartphones, Facebook, Social Media, Google-Shopping and hundreds of travel sites. Only 25$ per month for global advertsing